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Ready for your best runDisney race yet? The Springtime Surprise runDisney race at Disney World is April 18- 21, 2024. With a theme of "Embrace the Adventure" you can count on adventurous characters in adventurous locales for the Spring Race at Disney this year. If you're looking for a themed outfit to wear, then we have you covered! With Tinkerbell, Stitch, Up! and Lion King at the ready you'll have plenty of options to choose from no matter which race you're running! Shop designs in the Springtime Surprise runDisney Collection or through the links below! 

Tinkerbell Springtime Surprise Run on Coffee and Pixie Dust

Run disney Sports Bras

Peter Pan Neverland Shirt

Faith Trust and Pixie Dust Quote Shirt

Tinkerbell and Neverland

Honor your inner fairy, and adventurous self with our Neverland and Tinkerbell collections, Sure to inspire your next race, wherever you are! Featuring Neverland Mermaids, a little faith and loads of coffee! 


UP! Paradise Falls Shirt

UP! Wilderness Must be Explored Shirt


Add more adventure to your race with our Paradise Falls and UP! wilderness shirts. Perfect for your next race, or long distance hike! 

Lion King Run Disney Shirt

run disney lion king sports bra
Lion King Run disney Shirt Run wild

run wild disney running shirt

Lion King

Take a lesson from Simba himself and get ready to be the main event at your next race! Whether you're running wild, or just need the inner pep talk, these inspirational Lion King shirts have  you covered. 

Stitch Shirt all you need is love

Lilo and Stitch Shirt


Queue up your favorite Elvis song, and add a little love to your run, with this Stitch shirt. While we love this one for the cuteness, it's a great reminder to be kind to yourself as you head to the finish line! 

run Disney Springtime Race Outfit Ideas

Check out all our Run Disney Shirts in the shop for ideas to honor all your favorite Disney characters! Or shop Disney Sports Bras! Whatever you choose we hope this post has given you some ideas for Running Outfits for Disney. 


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