Epcot Shirts for your Disney vacation

Disney Epcot Shirts

Heading to Epcot for your Walt Disney World vacation and not sure what to wear? Don't worry, we've got you covered with Epcot inspired tees in our shop!

Hello World World Showcase Tee

Our Hello World tee is one of our best selling tees! Featuring "Hello World" on the front and the World Showcase countries on the back, with the word "Hello" written by each in their own language, this front and back shirt is great for a stroll around the World Showcase. 

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World Traveler Tee

Spaceship Earth is iconic and along with the monorail, is the focus of this design. And with the outline of the world showcase, we think this shirt is perfect for the Epcot fan. Part of our Magic Makers collection, this is one of four designs dedicated specifically to a Disney Park!

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Gusteau's Restaurant Tee

Have you heard? Remy is coming to the France pavilion in the world showcase! The new ride is set to open in October and we can't wait. In the meantime, we can dream about dining at Gusteau's Restaurant! Featuring the Eiffel Tower, Remy in a chef's hat and wine and cheese, this design is great for any Paris lover or Ratatouille fan!

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Ratatouille Food and Wine Tee

  We also love that Remy is one of the mascots for the Food and Wine festival, because well, anyone can cook right? This Ratatouille inspired design reads " If you are what you eat, then I only want the good stuff"! With Remy, some yummy foods and the Eiffel tower, this tee is perfect for the Food and Wine Festival or any time you want to eat around the world. 

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Drinking Place Tee 

Maybe drinking around the world is more your thing and if so, then we have the shirt for you! Our Drinking place shorts features a fun Spaceship Earth graphic, along with various drinks to fuel your way around the world. 

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Fluent in Phoenician Spaceship Earth Tee

Are you reading this post? Thank the Phoenicians! If you're a Spaceship Earth fan, you know this phrase all too well! And with a hidden mickey, this simple design is a great way to show the classic ride some love. 

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We hope this post has helped you find the perfect shirt for Epcot on your nect Walt Disney World vacation!

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