Disney Outfits for Pixar Fest at Disneyland

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If you're traveling to Disneyland Resort this summer, then get ready for Pixar Fest! Featuring loads of activities, events, new snacks and extra fun honoring favorite Pixar films. Pixar Fest at Disneyland Resort runs from April 26- August 4, 2024. You can make sure you're dressed for it with out best Pixar inspired collections! Check out our favorite Disney Pixar shirts and outfits to wear on your next trip!

Baymax Big Hero Six Shirts

Nothing says Pixar like Big Hero Six. Featuring everyone's favorite health companion, Baymax, you grab designs for your next trip to San Fransokyo... or just remind your friends that you're up for hugs, not runs. 

Finding Nemo Shirts

Adding a little Nemo, Marlon and Dory to your wardrobe is always a good idea. Everything you need to take to the big blue world whether you're in the parks or home! Grab this Just Keep Swimming design for a bit of inspiration and to keep your spirits up when things got you down. 

SHOP Just Keep Swimming

Soul Shirts

Music is good for the soul! This modern musical design is perfect for the musician, and everyone in need of reminder. Featuring graphics that lend to the vibe of the film, this design is great for some subtle Disney in your wardrobe. 

SHOP Good for the Soul

Up! Shirts

Add a little bit of wilderness to your wardrobe with this Paradise Falls shirt, featuring our favorite Up! house and balloons. Get ready for your next adventure wherever it takes you! 

Coco Shirts

Seize Your Moment. Join Coco, Dante and family for some love, with this inspirational shirt featuring all things Day of the Dead! 

SHOP Coco Seize Your Moment

Brave Shirts

Chase the Wind and touch the sky with Princess Merida. Featuring out favorite princess with arrows in hand, off on her next adventure. 

SHOP Chase the Wind and Touch the Sky

Ratatouille Shirts

Everyone's favorite rat, Remy the chef, offers up inspiration in all forms. We love this Pixar film, and everything it stands for. So, whether you're climbing out of the gutter, or working on your lifelong dream, grab one of our favorite inspirational and food focused designs.  SHOP designs. 

Luca Shirts

Head to the nearest small mountainside town in Italy, to have your own seaside adventures! Complete with hillside homes, you can grab your vespa to explore the countryside. This Pixar film is one of the best! 

SHOP Luca's Portorosso

Monsters Inc. Shirts

Everyone's favorite monsters are together always, with Boo and doors to work, this design is all about friendship. Mike Wazowski and Sully are at the ready, because we wouldn't have nothing if we didn't have you.

Cars Shirts

Hit Route 66 with all your best friends in tow. Lightning, Hud, and Mater are all part of this design, perfect for the highway of life. And a quintessential Pixar film to honor all the best things in life. 

SHOP Cars Life is a Highway

Toy Story Shirts

There is nothing like an original. This Toy Story design features all the best toys! Elements from Slinky Dog, Woody, Buzz, and even Bo Peep are all part of this one. Grab it in a pattern or a print! Or get a little sassy with one of our favorite Toy Story Quotes. SHOP Designs

 Pixar Shirts for Pixar Fest

There you have it! All our Pixar inspired designs in the shop so far! From Cars to Brave, to Luca, hopefully you'll find something here you absolutely love. We have these in crops, skirts, tees, sweatshirts and can even do kid's shirts. Happy Fest!

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