Elf Christmas Movie Apparel and Gifts

One of our favorite times of year, the holidays bring Christmas Movies with Wil Ferrell as Buddy the Elf. This outrageous Christmas comedy features an Elf on a journey from the North Pole to New York city and makes our list of Best Christmas Movies. We rewatch Elf every year. It's fun, funny and heartfelt! As everyone knows, the best way to spead Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Grab the Elf Movie on Amazon or watch it on Max. 

Buddy the Elf Christmas Movie Shirts and Gifts

Here's our lineup of Elf Shirts, Elf Mugs, and Elf sweatshirts to ring in the season. From Buddy's Christmas story, to our Christmas quote shirts. Check out the collections. 

elf christmas story movie shirt

Elf Christmas Story Twirly Swirly Gumdrops Shirt

First, I traveled through the seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest, past the seas of a twirly swirly gumdrops. We love Buddy the Elf's story and just had to chart it out. Grab this design on shirts, or a mug! 



elf movie shirt

Elf Christmas Cookies in the VCR Quote Shirt

Buddy the Elf does his best during Christmas, but sometimes things just don't work out! If you're feeling like the stress of the season may get you, grab thsi Elf Movie quote shirt, complete with sincere sentiment. "I'm sorry I ruined your lives and crammed 11 cookies into the VCR." Shop the crop and skirt, apparel and mug in the collection.


elf movie christmas pattern

Elf Christmas Mug

elf christmas cheer singing shirt

Elf Christmas Cheer

 Elf and Jovie Shirts for the best Elf couple shirts. With Buddy's green hat and Jovie's pink hat we like this pair best in sweatshirts, but you can grab them in tees and kids shirts for the season. "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!" 


Elf Family Christmas Shirts

We hope you love these Elf Christmas shirts as much as we do! And no matter where you are on your journey from the North Pole, remember, if you're a human with an affinity for elf culture. We have a collection for that too! 

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