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Disney Cottagecore Shirts in Harmony with Nature

It will come as no surprise that as everyone stepped from the hustle and bustle of daily life amidst pandemic lockdown, the cottagecore trend began to bloom. With dreams of loads of nature and simpler times, design has followed suit and we're on board for this scenic journey! With meticulously crafted art honoring nature these tees go perfectly with your simplest overalls, or linen skirts. Perfect for a putter around the garden or a stroll through the woods. Here are all our Disney Cottagecore Shirt designs so far! 

Mickey Garden Topiary Disney Cottagecore Shirt

We love a good cottagecore design, and just had to a garden version to our popular cottage collections. This Disney Flower and Garden Festival shirt features Mickey topiaries, Spike the Bee, sunflowers, Butterflies and everything you know and love from the festival. Check out the details in this intricately designed t-shirt! Perfect for your next putz in the garden or trip to Disney.



Mickey Pumpkin Patch Cottagecore Disney Design

Perfect for Fall at Walt Disney World or Disneyland, this Pumpkin Patch t-shirt does just as well on any old hayride, or hot cider run. We love the homegrown pumpkins fresh from the garden. And with a Mickey Pumpkin this design works well for Halloween at Disney too. 


Mickey Pumpkin Patch Shirt

Disney cottagecore shirts

Mickey Tree Farm Disney Cottagecore Design

Ready for Christmas at Disney? Why not add your coziest holiday cardigan to this cute Mickey Tree Farm shirt. All trees are beautiful, can you spot which one Mickey is decorating for the holidays? 


 Mickey Tree Farm Christmas Cottagecore

A little more Disney Cottagecore 

We'll be sharing new designs perfect for your next stint in homesteading, gardening or homebrewing. What designs would you like to see? Let us know. 

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