Disney Christmas Shirts for the Holidays

Check out our lineup of Christmas Shirts to help spruce up your holiday season! As Christmas is our favorite time of year, we go a little crazy when designing things for our most favorite holiday! Check out the collection. 

Baking Christmas

Disney Baking Christmas Shirt

Complete with Mickey Gingerbread and everything you need to whip up your favorite batch of cookies, cakes, and pies, this Disney inspired designs comes from Nightmare Befor Christmas. Making Chrismtas, making Christmas, la, la, la.... you know the song. 

Shop Baking Christmas

Baymax Holidays

Baymax Christmas Shirt with Furry Baby Ba La La

Fa la la la la...la la la la.....Joing our favorite healthcare companion as he spreads some Christmas Cheer with his favorite song, christmas lights and furry baby in tow. 

Shop Baymax Holidays Ba La La

Disney Parks Christmas Sketch Throw Blanket Disney Fleece Walt Disney World Disneyland Fleece Throw Blanket

Disney Christmas Throw Blankets 

From Christmas castles, and dole whip to Mickey gingerbreads and Toy Soldiers, check out all the Christmas throw blankets, and gifts in the shop. 

Shop Disney Christmas Throw Blankets

Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown Christmas Shirt Lucy and Schroeder

One of our favorite Christmas shows, even if it's not Disney, is Charlie Browns Christmas! And we can't get enough of Lucy staking her claim on gifts for the season! Jingle Bells and Santa Claus and Ho Ho Ho and Mistletoe and presents to pretty girls. 

Shop Charlie Brown Christmas


Christmas at Walt Disney World

Christmas at Walt Disney World with Santa and His Reindeer

Grab a ride on Santa's Sleigh over the parks of Walt Disney World Resort. Complete with reindeer, and snowfall. Everything you need to start the season with a little bit of Disney for the holidays. 

Shop Christmas at Walt Disney World

Buddy the Elf Christmas Story

We love the holiday movie, Elf, so it's no surprise that we had to design a shirt featuring our favorite story! Buddy the Elf's jounrey to New York City. Grab this Elf design on apparel and a mug too! 

Shop the Elf Christmas Story Collection

The Muppets Jolly and Joyous Christmas Carol 

Tis the season to be Jolly and Joyous... one of our favorite songs from the Muppets Christmas Carol is all about fun this festive season. Grab this cheery shirt for a nod to the Muppets this Christmas. 

Shop Muppets Jolly and Joyous

Mickey's Christmas Carol Oh What a Merry Christmas Day

Oh what a Merry Christmas Day...hear the joyous music play. We're honoring our favorite Disney Christmas Movie, Mickey's Christmas Carol, with this vintage looking design featuring ebenezer Scrooge and Tiny Tim. Along with Jiminy Cricket floating in with spirits of the season. 

Shop Mickey's Christmas Carol 

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Hip Hip Hooray

That's how it's done on Christmas Vacation.... this design pays homage to one of our favorite holiday films, National Lampoon's Chrstmas Vacation. Complete with squirrel, RV moose glasses and more. 

Shop Hip Hip Hooray for Christmas Vacation

disney christmas poster shirt

Disney Christmas List

This Disney Christmas poster design has it all. Mickey Gingerbread, Hot cocoa, lights, presents, a Christmas castle, trees, and even Jingle Cruise. If you're getting ready for all things jolly, then grab this tee as a fun reminder of all the things to do this holiday season. 

Shop Disney Christmas List

Making Christmas Nightmare Before Christmas

Making Christmas! Featuring characters and elements from The Nightmare Before Christmas, this design is perfect for those who love when holidays collide. 

Shop Making Christmas 

Oh By Golly Holly Jolly Christmas 

Oh by golly, have a holly jolly Christmas, this year! Featuring Mickey inspired elements like ornaments, lights and more, this collection is sure to get you in the jolly mood for the season.

Shop Holly Jolly Christmas

Tangled Christmas Making Seasons Bright

Making Spirits Bright! This Tangled inspired holiday shirt features the floating lanterns and floral elements inspired by Rapunzel all on a Christmas tree to brighten up your holiday season, along with Tangled themed gifts!

Shop Tangled Christmas

Middle of Main Street Christmas

I'm walking right down the middle of Main Street, USA! Perfect for the Main Street or Magic Kingdom fan. Filled with a little extra holiday cheer this Christmas version features balloons, gingerbread, and a peppermint spice latte of course! 

Shop Middle of Main Street Christmas

Santa Clause Snowglobe Christmas

This Santa Clause Snowglobe design features our favorite snow lines street, Santa Claus and Reindeer, and all the fine print you need if Santa ever falls off the roof of your home.

Shop Santa Clause Snowglobe

Disney Christmas All is Calm Mickey Christmas 

This companion shirt to our All is Bright design beings cool and calm colors and a hidden Snowfall Mickey.

Shop Disney All is Calm Mickey Christmas

Christmas Castle All is Bright

Disney Christmas Castle with Hidden Mickey Snow

All is calm, all is bright! This Disney Christmas castle features colors from the Holiday projections at Cinderella's Castle Magic Kingdom. Complete with snowflakes, and evergreens to help make the season bright. 

Shop Christmas Castle All is Bright

Christmas Gingerbread

Mickey Gingerbread Christmas 

This Mickey Christmas design is all about gingerbread cookies. With candy canes, presents, trees and everything to make the season cozy. Grab this Mickey and Minnie Gingerbread Skirt and Crop for the season. 

Shop Mickey Christmas Gingerbread

Christmas Greetings

EPCOT Christmas Greetings at the World Showcase

Make your way around the World Showcase with this simple shirt featuring Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in the languages of each country which celebrates. 

Shop Christmas Greetings World Showcase

Christmas on Main Street

Magic Kingdom Christmas on Main Street

Head to Main Street U.S.A for the holidays. Perfect for Walt Disney World and Disneyland this design features the Christmas castle, trees, snowfall and more. 

Shop A Disney Christmas on Main Street

Cinderella's Castle Christmas

Disney's Christmas Castle Garden

Grab this festive red and green design featuring evergreen branches, poinsettas, pinecones, castle and Mickey balloon. 

Shop Disney's Cinderella Castle Christmas Garden

Dashing Through the Snow

Cinderella Dashing Through the Snow 

This Disney inspired shirt features our favorite princess, once again on a race against time! This dashing through the snow shirt features Cinderella's carriage, castle and everything needed for any journey over the river and through the woods. 

Shop Cinderella Dashing through the Snow

Disney Cruise Christmas

Disney Very Merrytime Christmas Cruise 

Inspired by our favorite holiday cruise, this design shows off Disney Cruise Line complete with Christmas tree, lights and stockings. Everything needed to ring in the merry season. 

Shop Disney Very Merrytime Christmas Cruise

Disney Holiday To-Do List

Disney Holiday To-Do List

A Mickey Snowman, cozy drinks and yummy treats are all on the list for your next Disney parks visit! Grab this design to help you keep track of it all! 

Shop Disney Holiday To-Do List

Disney Christmas Mug Oh What Fun Disney Holiday Mug with Red Handle

Disney Christmas Mugs

Looking for a cute gift? We have Christmas themed mugs in the shops. Complete with snowflakes and castles, and candy canes, and toy soldiers and gingerbread. Plus non-seasonal mugs too. 

Shop Disney Mugs for Christmas 

Disney Photo- Jack Skellington Christmas

Jack Skellington Christmas at the Haunted Mansion

This Haunted Mansion design features Jack Skellington himself outside the Disneyland Haunted Manision, ready for the Haunted Mansion Holidays. 

Shop Disney Photo Shirt- Jack Skellington


Cinderella's Castle Christmas Crop Top Black Christmas Garden Disney Holiday Crop Top- Black

Disney Christmas Outfits

Put together your best Disney Christmas Style with our skirts and crops! We've got gingerbread, evergreens, toy soldiers and more. 

Shop Disney Skirts and Crops for Christmas


Elf Christmas Cheer

Elf Christmas Movie Buddy and Jovie Shirts

The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loud for all to hear. Grab these Elf inspired shirts to honor our favorite Elf in New York City- Buddy. Or grab the Jovie version! Perfect as Christmas couple shirts or just going it solo as your favorite Holiday movie character. 

Shop Elf Christmas Cheer

Elf Christmas Cookies

Elf Christmas Movie Cookies in the VCR Quote 

This Elf Christmas shirt features one of our favorite quotes from Elf. "I'm sorry i ruined your lives and crammed 11 cookies into the VCR." Perfect for all those holiday plans that will surley go awry, this design can keep you in the holiday mood, no matter the mistakes ahead! 

Shop Elf Christmas Cookies Quote Shirt

Gingerbread Mickey and Minnie travel mask with nose piece Adjustable holiday Face Mask with adjustable straps Walt Disney World

Christmas Face Masks

If you're traveling and seeing family and friends this holiday season, be prepared with cute Face Masks for the whole family. Disney and Holiday inspired there is something for everyone. 

Shop Face Masks for Christmas


Frozen Reindeers

Frozen Sven Reindeers are Better than People

Reindeer are better than people...this much we know is true. This Disney Frozen quote is fun for the holidays in a fair isle print with just a quote. 

Shop Frozen Reindeers are Better than People

Grinch Christmas

Grinch Who Stole Christmas Meaning Quote

This quote shirt features one of our favorite sayings from the Grinch who stole Christmas. Maybe Christmas doesn't come from a store....Grab this design featuring christmas trees and snowflakes to help ring in the season. 

Shop Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Griswold Family Christmas

Griswold Family Christmas Tree Shirt

Grab the car and head out to the tree farm in search of the perfect Christmas tree! Just like the Griswolds in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, this design shares some high hopes for the biggest tree they can find. Featuring our favorite in-car sing-a-long for the holidays, Joy to the World... drumroll please...

Shop Griswold Family Christmas Tree

Harry Potter Believe

Believe in Christmas

Love the snowfall, castles and steam engines? Perhaps your a fan of the polar express, headed to the North Pole, or someting more magical. Whatever your fancy, this design features a train rounding the bend, surely filled with gifts, packed by Santa himself. 

Shop Believe in Christmas 

Haunted Mansion Holidays

Disney Parks Haunted Mansion Holidays

Across the world, you can find a Haunted Mansion, of some kind, at Disney Parks. So, we rounded them up on this shirt and decorated them for the Christmas season. Because there is nothing like joining our favorite happy haunts for the holidays. 

Shop Haunted Mansion for the Holidays

Hello Small World Holiday

Hello it's a Small World Holidays

Head to it's a Small World for the holidays! Complete with Santa Hat on our favorite clock, this boat journey around the world sees tons of different cultures. Dress for the occasion in this red and green version of our popular Small World shirt. 

Shop Hello Small World Holiday

Hello World Joy to the World Epcot

Joy to the World EPCOT World Showcase

No one does the holidays like EPCOT. This design features a Joy to the World complete with Spaceship Earth on the front, and the World Showcase buildings, decked out for the holidays on the back. 

Shop Disney Joy to the World at Epcot


Holly Jolly Christmas

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Have a holly jolly Christmas, and in case you didn't hear, I don't know if there'll be snow but have a cup of cheer! This Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer inspired tee, features one of our favorit songs from the Rankin and Bass Christmas classic- Holly Jolly! And with a little Mickey holly... perfect for some sublt Disney love. 

Shop Holly Jolly Christmas



Home for the Holidays-Walt Disney World

Home for the Holidays at Walt Disney World

If you're heading to Disney Parks for the holidays, grab this design, with a nod to Cinderella's Castle and lights. Complete with Mickey styled balloons. 

Shop Home for the Holidays- Walt Disney World

Jingle Cruise Elephant

Jungle Cruise Christmas Shirt -Jingle Cruise Elephant

Sail with the Yuletide on the Jungle Cruise at Disney Parks. This Jingle Cruise design features a frisky elephant, collecting gifts for the holidays. 

Shop Jingle Cruise Elephant

Jingle Cruise Giraffe

Jungle Cruise Christmas Shirt -Jingle Cruise Giraffe

Join this Jungle Cruise Giraffe at Disney for an exotic river cruise during the holidays. Complete with Christmas Trees, gifts and candy canes. 

Shop Jingle Cruise Giraffe

Jingle Cruise Hippo

Jungle Cruise Christmas Shirt -Jingle Cruise Hippo

Oh what fun it is to ride on a Jungle Cruise for the holidays! Beware the hippos. This Jingle Cruise shirt features hidden mickey ornaments, Christmas tree and everything you need to Jingle All the Way! 

Shop Jingle Cruise Hippo

Jolly Holiday

Oh it's a Jolly Holiday Penguin Christmas 

Ohhhh, it's a jolly holiday with Mary. Inspired by Mary Poppins this design features the waiter penguins, wondering where they can find their next tray of drinks. 

Shop Jolly Holiday Penguins

Jolly Holiday Snowfall

Oh it's a Jolly Holiday Penguin Christmas Snowfall 

The penguins from Mary Poppins have taken to the snowfall with umbrellas in tow, scarves, and Santas hats too. Perfect for any Christmas outing. 

Shop Jolly Holiday Penguins Snowfall

 Jolly Holiday Tree Trimming

Oh it's a Jolly Holiday Penguin Christmas Tree

Join our favorite penguins for Christmas Tree decorating and gifts for Mary Poppins. This Oh it's a Jolly Holiday design features snowflakes too. 

Shop Jolly Holiday Penguins Christmas Tree

Little Mermaid Whosits & Whatsits

Little Mermaid Christmas Whosits and Whatsits

This Little Mermaid design is all about Ariel. Featuring a Christmas tree covered in snarfblatts, and dinglehoppers, this holiday you can plan on tons of neat stuff under your Christmas tree. 

Shop Little Mermaid Whosits and Whatsits Galore

Mickey Merry and Bright

Mickey Ornament Wreath Merry and Bright

This wreath is merry and bright featuring a Mickey ornament and hidden Hidden Mickey's for a subtle nod to Disney and a cheery nod to the season. 

Shop Mickey Merry and Bright


Noelle Christmas Oh My Garland

This fun Oh My Garland design features one of our favorite quotes from this Disney Plus original Christmas movie! Noelle is fun and festive and we hope you love this one as much as we do. 

Shop Noelle Oh My Garland

Not a Creature was Stirring Mint

Cinderella Christmas Jaq and Gus Not A Creature Was Stirring

We just love our favorite mice friends from Cinderella , Jaq and Gus! And this design features them in all their Christmas glory with a tree to decorate and Mickey ornaments too. 

Not a Creature Was Stirring- Jaq and Gus Mint

Oh What Fun Disney

Disney Christmas Castle Oh What Fun

This Christmas shirt features Jingle Cruise, Christmas Trees, Mickey Balloons, Peppermint Dole Whip, Christmas Castles and gifts! Everything you need to have a happy holiday in Disney Parks or at home.

Oh What Fun Disney Christmas

Once Upon a Christmastime

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Parade 

This Once Upon a Christmastime Parade at Magic Kingdom is part of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and one of the best things to see during the holidays! Complete with Toy Soldiers, gingerbread, Mickey wreath and more. 

Shop Once Upon a Christmastime Parade


Ratatouille Christmas

Remy Ratatouille Christmas Baking Shirt 

Are you looking for the best shirt to fill your Christmas Baking day? Whether you're staying at home or heading to Festival of Holidays at Walt Disney World or Disneyland, this Not a Creature was Stirring shirt is perfect. 

Shop Remy Ratatouille Christmas- Not a Creature was Stirring

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Jingle Jingle Jingle

Jingle, Jingle, Jingle you can hear those sleigh bells ring. This simple Christmas design is perfect for any Christmas party, and for a little more cheer in the holiday season. 

Shop Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer- Jingle Jingle Jingle



The Muppets Christmas Carol Wherever You find Love

From the Muppets Christmas Carol, this design is simple and sweet. Wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas. With hidden Mickeys and simple designs. 

Shop The Muppets Christmas- Wherever you find Love

Believing is Seeing The Santa Clause Christmas Shirt

Seeing is believeing- No, believing is seeing! Take a page from Charlie's book. This Santa Clause quote was never truer! 

Shop The Santa Clause- Believing is Seeing

Three Caballeros Christmas Feliz Navaid Pinata

Our favorite trio, the Three Caballeros- Jose, Panchito and Donald Duck are ready for the holidays. With festive villages to visit, and Christmas pinatas to break! Feliz Navidad!

Shop Three Caballeros- Feliz Navidad

Classic Winnie the Pooh Merry Little Christmas

Have yourself a merry little Christmas with Winnie the Pooh and friends. Gathered round the Christmas tree, this design features Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Kanga and Roo, Eeyore, Tigger and Owl.

Shop Winnie the Pooh- Merry Little Christmas

Polar Express Train Believe Christmas Shirt

All aboard the Polar Express Train this holiday season with this cute design featuring the Polar Express itself and the North Pole, amid a winter snow filled sky. Perfect for fans of the movie, and book. 

Shop Polar Express Believe


Christmas on Castaway Cay Disney Cruise Christmas Island Shirt

Would you like to spend Christmas on Christmas Island, would you like to spend the holiday away upon the sea... Yes please! Head to Disney's Castaway Cay with this Christmas in Paradise Shirt, perfect for the season, or wishing you were somewhere else! 

Shop Disney Cruise Christmas Island

Cinderella Jaq and Gus Christmas Shirt

 Join Jaq and Gus for cookies and cocoa, and celebrate the Night Before Christmas! There may have been creatures stirring afterall! Perfect for cozy Christmas season evenings at home. 

Shop Cinderella Jaq and Gus Twas the Night Before Christmas


Family Christmas Shirts for the Holidays

Whether you're sharing your love a Disney Christmas or honoring your favorite films like National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, The Santa Clause or Elf, hopefully you find something you love in our holiday collections. Let us know your favorite movies of the season! 



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